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You can buy online by adding any products, including the cable laying machine to your cart. You can also click on ‘HOW TO BUY’ in the top menu for other options.

You can choose between the dependable 4-stroke Honda GXH50 engine or electric brushless 1 kW motor with the largest Li-Ion battery capacity on the market.

We invite you to consult the user manual for the steps to install the blade.

Their compact size and light weight allow the perimeter wire machines to be easily transported into a small vehicle. You can lower the swivel handle to save space. Besides, if you are using the machine with the Honda engine (600MH), it is highly recommended to put the fuel valve in the OFF position. For both machines, you could also remove the wire guide, the sliding foot and the blade in order to allow a good positioning and a good stowing of your machine.

The  Cable Laying Machine is designed to fit most of the wire spools supplied by robot manufacturers such as spools mounted on a drum, coils wound without a drum and even coils in bulk. Coils containing up to 800 meters of wire can be installed on the adjustable support, which includes a variety of spacers and a shock absorber to ensure a smooth run. The optional support for oversized reels (PWMA-0014) can accommodate reels of up to 400 mm in diameter x 350 mm in width.  No matter what type of wire spools you use, there is a way to do it.

It is easy to transport the machine from one work area to another. Here are the steps;
1. Loosen the clamping lever handle;
2. Rotate the handle in vertical position;
3. Lift the kickstand;
4. Pull or push the machine towards the work area.
You can also refer to the user manual for more details.

The Perimeter Wire Machine is provided with an adjustable edge distance guide that can be installed in the front or the back of the machine. It aligns the machine with the perimeter of the yard so it buries the wire at a distance ranging from 15 cm to 45 cm.
Using it is simple!
1. Unscrew the wing nut;
2. Position the distance rod at the desired distance, between 15 to 45 cm;
3. Screw in the wing nut.
NOTE: The 0 cm-measure can be found on the left of the distance rod block. This part of the block is aligned with the blade.
You can also refer to the user manual for more details.

Click on the following link to consult the list of compatible batteries and chargers.

Refer to the Warranty Policy section.